Artistic Spectrum is a completely free creatives visual profile site. The colour-coded face search feature allows you to quickly find a creative who can do the job you need. Green framed faces represent people who specialise in Digital Media. Blue framed faces represent the Fine Arts and Pink framed faces represent Costume & Fashion. Once you have entered the Artistic Spectrum you can easily browse through everyone on the site. Click on the thumbnails on each page to see a Lightbox gallery of the creatives work, if you like their work then contact them via e-mail by clicking on the '@' button, alternatively contact them via Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or Skype (Skype must be installed on your computer for this option to work).

If you prefer to search via the name of the individuals, one can use the simple menu bar at the top of the screen. The menu bar can also be used to narrow down your search by selecting one of the categories.

Artistic Spectrum was started in May 2011, as a way for creatives to easily showcase a snapshot of their work, explain their ambitions and what they enjoy about their specialist area. However, most importantly Artistic Spectrum is a quick an easy way for users to pass on their social media and contact information. If you are a creative and want to join Artistic Spectrum then please Contact Us. If you would like to leave feedback about the site then why not visit Artistic Spectrum on Twitter.

The whole spectrum is at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for come and find your Artistic Spectrum!